I know I have gushed about Gala Darling on my blog before (See: Palm Reading and Attitude of Gratitude), but I cannot emphasize that there can never be enough of this chick! She’s fierce, fun, and gorgeous. Her blog and her classes are helping people to step out of their shells GLOBALLY. I can’t believe my amazing sister told me I reminded her of Gala Darling. It really is such an honor!

So now we come to why I brought her up. This month, Gala Darling is hosting an Instagram project called #RadicalSelfLoveJuly. She has posted prompts for photos to take and tag for every day of July, so OF COURSE I am participating! She posted a list of the prompts recently, and I have included a graphic below for your viewing pleasure.



Recently, I have been working on my own Radical Self Love. Although I haven’t started my Radical Self Love Journal yet, I have started to dedicate my time and energy to a healthier, happier lifestyle. My sister has been doing it too, and it’s super inspiring! Well, guess what? We aren’t alone in our journey. Yeah, we like to do good things for others (Check out the puppy charity I’m helping out with!), but sometimes you just need some “me time” to “treat yourself“.

I strongly encourage you to participate in #radicalselflovejuly. Post your photos to Twitter or Instagram, share them on Facebook, and be awesome! Follow me on Instagram to see what my Radical Self Love is all about (my July 1 post is below)! (As a social experiment, check out Erin’s Instagram too. Let’s see how similar our month turns out to be!)



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