Quizzical Ponderings 5: I Need A Hero

I do this thing where I take too many online quizzes (but you knew that already). Well, I’ve been on a superhero kick. You know how some people (women, of course) are attracted to sparkly things (Seriously… ask my sister or my grandma)? Anything I see that is black and yellow, I do a double take. It’s gotta be Batman. And I openly oggle. Super attractive, I know. Lighters, hats, t-shirts, jewelry… If it has the bat signal on it, I WANT IT!!

Well, the other day I took the “What Your Name Says About Your Future” quiz. I didn’t think for one second it would fit into my mold of superhero-y things. I wasn’t expecting to be so happy with my results. I would have been perfectly fine with “Your name tells me you will be an old, single lady who sits on her front porch in her rocking chair, threatening children who trespass with her shotgun”. But I got the ultimate result (see: above).

You’d better believe I will be dressing up in a spandex outfit. All day. errday.

So take the quiz. It’s only 3 questions. Then tell me what you got. I bet you aren’t as awesome as I am.



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