Inappropriate Necklace From Awesome Friend

In life, sometimes you meet people in random ways and they just tend to stick with you. This post isn’t about leaving anyone out. But it IS about one of my very best friends. Her name is Mackenzi.

Erin and I were in an Intro to Music class our first semester in college. Seemed like an easy pre-req, since music has kind of been our thing for a while. The class ended up being a joke, since our “desks” were pianos and we learned nothing but the notes all semester, but that’s a rant for another time. In this class was a girl who looked like a Hot Topic model. She sat at the piano next to Erin and I (Thank goodness we were twins because some people had to share benches with STRANGERS! OH NO!), and she radiated  a “too cool for this” attitude. I noticed her, but she was a wallflower for the most part.

One day pretty early in the semester, she complimented my sister’s Stephen Colbert bag. Then she saw my Panic! @ The Disco shirt and told me they were coming to San Diego Sports Arena. That was it for me. We ended up going to that show with her and trying our first margaritas from Chipotle that night. Erin also slipped on a banana peel.

At another point in time–I think before the concert but definitely after my French roommate was forced out by my Croatian roommate–we were talking to her (making small talk, of course) about her schedule. It turned out that she had that class early, then hours before her next class. She was in her final semester (graduating a semester early), so instead of driving home to La Jolla and back, she napped in the parking garage on a regular basis. So I suggested–probably with too much gusto–that she could sleep in my room because I had an extra bed and lived just upstairs from that class.

She tells the story that a stranger asked her if she wanted to sleep in their bed. That’s basically exactly what happened. And I’m completely OK with that.

Our naps became a regular thing. She sided with me when my roommate would only Skype her family every day while we were trying to nap, yelling in her foreign language and sounding like she was planning a terrorist attack. She really did seem like she was. She agrees too. She used to throw “Uncle Osama” into her conversation to freak me out. She was horrible and awesome. Mack and I made up plans to plant drugs in my roommate’s stuff so she would be expelled. Those plans fell by the wayside eventually, knowing my roommate was in international tennis champ and our hoity toity private school would never get rid of her.

When I was in a bad mood, Mack would pick me up and take me to La Jolla and make me eat lots of food and watch South Park and It’s Always Sunny episodes. When she went to the Music Institute, we would visit her in LA. She hated it there. I understood. She moved back and we didn’t see her as much, but she was my favorite person. She’s still one of them.

Why am I saying this? Because on Monday night, I got back from Omaha (my boss friend took me to see Bruno Mars!) and had two envelopes in the mail. They weren’t junk. Rejoice! One was a wedding invite (whoot whoot!) and one was a note from Mack. She sent me a card with an old lady mugshot on it, and a note telling me that she found me a necklace she though a bad bitch would wear. I added the heart charm to a necklace I wear most days, and it makes me feel like a total bad ass.

I think she knows when I need a little pick me up. She senses it. I wrote her some snail mail back that resembles a novel and I’m sure she will shred when she can’t read my handwriting. But nonetheless, I feel exponentially better with her in my life.

And that fine ass necklace.

P.S. The necklace pictured is not mine, but it looks an awful lot like it. Enjoy.


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