Recently my life has been overworked, overstressed, but absolutely amazing. I will always be the first person to tell you I have gotten to do some amazing things and experience the most eclectic array of events in my life, and–although sometimes I do wish things could go a little differently–I really, truly wouldn’t change anything for the world. This is the optimist’s perspective I’ve (clearly) been trying to take for a while.

While I was in California last month, I got the chance to drive one of my best friend’s cars for a day. She owns a gunmetal gray 2010 Honda Accord Coupe with black matte hubcaps. It’s the most badass car I’ve certainly ever driven. In fact, when I got to my friend Carly’s work to go to lunch with her, she called me a badass. And I felt like one. But mostly–and I’ve told a lot of people this–I just felt like Batman driving up that California coast. And I love that. I love that I own a pair of Batman underwear and that the part in “Neighbors” where they do Batman voices made me giggle. I love that yesterday, I was feeling badass so I went on Etsy to order a Batman necklace. I didn’t. But I stared at them for a very long time. My spending habits need to chill.

To me, Batman is simply a sign of badassery. It’s not that I identify with Christian Bale on some strange level–although his Batman and Patrick Bateman (Batman?) almost remind me of each other, which could be a reason why Batman is my favorite. It’s not that I dream of The Joker or shutting out Mr. Freeze (Is he even a Batman nemesis? I don’t know!). I love the color yellow but the black makes it badass for me.

I guess what I’m trying to say–and getting nowhere close to actually saying until now–is that, even though I know I give off this “girl next door” wholesome kind of vibe, I sometimes feel like a badass. I did when I lived in NYC. It could be in the way I walk, the clothes I wear, the way I do my makeup, my badass boots. Eventually (hopefully) it will be in the car that I own and the work that I do. And I guess I just want to thank everyone for allowing me to be an optimistic badass. Sometimes I curse like a sailor and feel like a badass. Sometimes I wear a pair of badass sunglasses. And sometimes, I feel badass just by making a batch of well-received cakies.

What makes you feel like a badass? Let me know by commenting below or writing your own post and sending me the link!

Let us all be badass.


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