Quizzical Ponderings 4: High School Stereotype

Guys, for years I have been trying–and failing–to answer peoples’ questions about my high school experience. Was it fun? Sure. Did I hate it? Yes, sometimes. Would I go back? Probably not. But it’s not all a black and white discussion. What was high school like for me? I don’t know. Were you a nerd? Yes. But you were a cheerleader? Yes. Nerdy cheerleader. How does that work? I’m not sure. Did you have friends? All guy friends. And a couple of friends that were girls because of cheer. But mostly guy friends. Were you a loner? Yeah. Kind of. But you have a lot of friends? Yeah… I don’t know how that worked out.

I typed all of that in train of thought because it’s overwhelming answering questions like that. Asking me to fit myself into a particular mold is difficult. Not because I believe anyone is so much an original that you can’t fit them in a category. And I’m not here to ring my own bell or toot my own horn (or whatever cliche goes with this) or to claim that I don’t fit into a high school stereotype. I totally do. Somewhere.

Well, guess what? BuzzFeed published a “What is Your High School Stereotype?” quiz. I know. So surprising. So I took it, just to find out my stereotype. And–had I not gone to a Catholic High School–I really would totally agree with my result. My mindset was in “rebel” mode (I totally painted my fingernails black when I wasn’t supposed to as a cheerleader) and I totally would have been a scene kid if I had the chance.

But Catholic school. So I wasn’t.

What high school stereotype do YOU fit into? Take the quiz! Let me know how it turned out! Do those of you that know me agree with my results? Comment below and make my day!


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