Reachin’ On Out

I was going back through my Facebook timeline from 2011. I forgot how wonderful that year was for me. I went to Sundance Film Festival AS A CLASS. I graduated college a year and a half early. I started a job at David’s Bridal (OK, not my best moment). I got my internship and moved to New York City on a whim. I guess you could say I had one of my bravest years. But it doesn’t end there, of course.

That year, I started volunteering for ReachOut USA and had the opportunity to go to a leadership summit in Northern Cal (and see my amazing friend Jess Cohen who picked me up from the airport and entertained me for a few hours before I had to meet up with strangers!). JESS I LOVE YOU!!!! At that summit, I was afraid we would go into the woods with no cell service and I’d end up washed up on a beach or in a river somewhere. I wanted to keep to myself and avoid people the entire time. I had two roommates, so that wouldn’t happen. And there were some amazing people there. I met my brother, Brandon Rohlwing, there. BRANDON I LOVE YOU!!!! And several other incredible personalities. And we made a short video to help young adults dealing with serious issues. So here, ladies and gentlemen, is our short masterpiece. It was a piece of that weekend that I get to keep.

At least as long as the internet is around.

Also, Brandon and Jess both live in Chicago now. Maybe that’s a sign…


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