Tuesday Morning Adventures

This morning, my amazing and adorable friend Michelle decided to take me on an adventure. She picked me up at home and we meandered down to City Market to get some coffee. She had never been to Opera House, so that was our deal today. We split a delicious scone and she got an iced Raspberry Beret and I got an iced Cinnamon Girl. We sat at a window table and looked out at the sunshine while we talked about life and ridiculous things. Sitting there, I realized–once again–how very lucky I am to have the support and strength of so many people in my life. I have clearly kept some of the most amazing people around (Who knew, right?), and I couldn’t be happier right now.

After we enjoyed breakfast, we took a lap around the market. We observed the produce (because that’s what cool people do) and talked extensively about living vicariously through her daughter’s future field trips to places like Steamboat Arabia. We’re awesome. We know. Today is going to be a good day.

P.S. My one line Facebook comment was not only responded to by Gala Darling herself, but I tweeted it and it was retweeted and favorited like crazy. And then she included it in her badass blog post! So I may not be famous, but I feel elated.

Small victories, guys.



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