Attitude of Gratitude

So my sister  has turned me on to this incredible writer who goes by Gala Darling. She’s kind of incredible–and my sister said she reminds her of me! So… compliment taken! Anyway, I was reading through some of her blogs today and realized that I need to be more grateful for things regularly. I feel grateful and I even thank people a lot, but I write lists about what I’m thankful for on scraps of paper and never really look back at them. I have this journal that my mom got me when I moved to college that was supposed to be for good, thankful thoughts. At some point, it turned into a journal for my writings. That’s OK, but I need to be specific in my positive vibes. So I’m going to follow the format of one of Gala Darling’s posts and go ahead and write specific things I am grateful for at this VERY moment. Because it’s springtime, it’s birthday week, and WHY NOT?!


I super love… Reading old journal entries about what a tarot card reader told me about my life freshman year of college  Lukewarm coffee from the admin office. Coffee is coffee is coffee.  Birthday week. I get to celebrate both of my siblings and many friends in the next few days!  Bangs. Specifically, my bangs. (And friends that text me, “I joined the front bang club”. I’m looking at you, Anjelica!)  My new-found sense of style. Slash the funds to support my forever sense of style.  DVD sales at Target.  Blood Moon bonding with my mom (and the twittersphere).  People who favorite my quips on Twitter Brainstorming a myriad of short films I’m going to shoot soon!  Yellow fingernails.  Super awesome and cooperative Etsy shops!  Birthday cards.  Watching 30 for 30 specials with my parents.  The upcoming Scavenger Hunt of Awesomeness!!  Booking flights to escape and see friends (in San Diego, of course).  Going to my brother’s golf matches. Seriously, it’s so relaxing and entertaining at the same time.  My Franklin Covey planner.  The upcoming night of awesome at laser tag!  


I think I am going to go design some things now to amp up my site and give everyone something to talk about! (And by “everyone”, I mean my family. At Easter brunch this weekend.)

What are YOU thankful for? Share it with me! Or on social media. Or with your family! You don’t just have to be thankful at Thanksgiving! PROMISE!!!


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