Tale As Old As Time…

I have one question I ask to some of the people that I meet who have potential to be really close friends or otherwise. I always preface it by saying: OK, this could make or break our relationship. Who wants to take a stab at one of those most important questions ever?

It is: Which Disney princess is your favorite, and why?

Seriously. I mean, besides being so well illustrated, these chicks have personality! If someone has an involved answer, I know they’re a gem because they’re clearly a “Disney person” (they know their shit) AND they choose based on characteristics and not on looks. If they just point at a character because she’s blonde, then their demeanor kind of makes me go, “WHOAH, WAIT”.

Yes, I judge people based on Disney.

Anyway, this made me think. I love Belle. I always have. She’s strong, independent, kind of a tomboy. She’s smart, she isn’t (so) shallow, and she has common sense. She also doesn’t take bullshit from anyone (Gaston) and has a feisty streak. Plus, she kind of resembles me. And she can pull off yellow (gold). So we have that in common. And I just really think she has a lot of traits that are important for really anyone to have. Except that she lives in France. Let’s just forget that part. So anyone that picks Belle and can substantiate their claim already has a leg up on everyone else in the competition for my attention.

Because EVERYONE is competing for my attention. Clearly.

So I decided to take a quiz on which Disney character I was. And I won, because I am clearly Belle. Don’t believe me? Read the description below! Then tell me who YOUR favorite Disney princess is and why in the comments section. Maybe we can be friends. 😉


Warm, kind and caring, you always bring out the best in others, but tend to keep to yourself and a few close friends who you love dearly. You love books and dream of fairytale adventures. You know that beauty lies within and don’t depend on looks alone. You think it’s good to be individual and different to others, but don’t go out of your way to be rebellious – you just naturall stand out. You’re a strong person, but also ladylike and intelligent. You look forward to change. You’d definitely break the Beast’s spell.


One thought on “Tale As Old As Time…

  1. After reading this I took a similar quiz and got these results:

    Which Disney Princess Are You?

    You got: Belle
    Via disney.com
    You have the uncommon ability to see the best in everyone. You believe that everyone has a redeeming virtue and are are considered incredibly empathetic by your friends.

    Quite happy with this as Beauty and the Beast is my favourite Disney film (although Frozen is a close competitor).

    Love your post 🙂 x

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