Wedding Week (Thursday Part 1)

On Thursday morning, I was up bright and early (per usual). Despite that fact, I had every intention of letting Carly and Stesha sleep in a bit. Well, Carly was up and ready to get crackin’ on some work for her job. So she got up and worked in my room while I tried to finish up the wedding video nonsense (that turned out really, really awesome!). Eventually, Carly, Stesha and I went to Panera (because everything we wanted to be open wasn’t) and then attempted McDonald’s for a breakfast sandwich for Stesha, but they had stopped serving early. Surprise.

In the meantime, I enjoyed my French toast bagel with honey-something-or-other cream cheese. And a chai latte. HEAVEN.

My mom had left to run errands and pick up the Bacchinis, so we all met at my house again. Jennie Page showed up and hugs happened. Then Erin came over and we got all of the decorations, etc. into our three cars to take to the venue. We got the place to ourselves at 11, and we made it there around 12:30 to commence decorating.

But the venue was showing another couple around and having them sign papers. WHILE WE WERE PAYING TO HAVE THE SPACE. AND the tables hadn’t been fully set up. There were people in and out and we were NOT HAVING IT. Lucky me, I got to run to the airport to pick up the one and only GIO!! Yesiree, the kid showed up! I wasn’t even aware of his flight schedule or anything until it was happening, but it did. After I picked him up (and got a big bear hug), we traveled down to Michael’s at Zona Rosa to get some glitter, scissors, and ribbon for the waist of my bridesmaid dress. Random? Perhaps. But awesome. And I was stressed to the max and just running around like a chicken with my head cut off, so Gio asked the nice lady at Michael’s where their glitter aisle was. He even helped me pick out my ribbon! What a little life saver! But I wasn’t about to spend $9 on scissors, so we ran across the street to Staples. And Gio found the cheapest pair ($3), then the lady at checkout saw that I was stressed and offered me a coupon.

I’ve decided I’m going to act stressed wherever I go now so I can get discounts.

Anyway, we packed up and headed back down to the event space where things were wrapping up with the decorating. Apparently the wedding coordinator had cried a bit (But we won’t mention who got those waterworks started. It wasn’t me.), and the girls were the only ones doing anything. That’s right. The groomsmen had shown up and were eating sandwiches in the Groom’s Suite instead of setting things up. I’m glad I hadn’t been there, or a cow would have been thrown.

I packed Carly, Jennie, Gio and Stesha in my car and we took Jennie back to her future sister-in-law’s house. Then we meandered back to my house so people could shower and get ready for the rehearsal. I was wigging out trying to get the DVDs burned and my makeup on and hair done, all while making sure everyone else was ready and my stuff was together for the next day since we were staying the night at the event space. That was all easier said than done, but we got it all figured out. Not without being hassled, however. While I was spazzing, Gio was asleep on the couch. What a calming presence that kid is! En route to the church, we stopped at QuickTrip and I filled up the car while everyone went inside to get snacks and coffee for themselves and the bride and groom. When they got back in the car and we were on the highway, I was asked, “Oh, did you want something?” Yeah. But no. Too late. Woof.

We got to the church and the rehearsal happened. The end.

Not the end. I’ll post about the rest of the day next time!!


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