Wedding Week (Wed)

So I haven’t really explained wedding week to anyone in great detail. I’ve decided to let people know how everything went when my twin sister was getting married here. Starting with Wednesday, of course. Yes, it’s a recap of events that some people might not necessarily enjoy… but it’s my life. And I love it.

Tuesday night I stayed up late with my good friend Kevin watching “Our Idiot Brother” and drinking beer (he also ordered his wedding gift). I was supposed to be making Erin and Tim’s wedding video. That didn’t happen. So on Wednesday, I was working on the video. And around 11, I went to pick Stesha up from the airport. Then she sat in my room and worked on her scrapbook project while I continued to work on the video. Because I was still working on the video, my mom went to pick up the Bacchini family and Stesha and I stayed at the house.

Erin came home and wanted to try on her dress. So she did. Stesha almost cried.


And then the Bacchinis and my mom came home and she went running down the stairs to greet them.

4Chris Bacchini (my second mom) and my mom continued baking cake and cookies and we all kind of got to talk and hang out. When Erin and Tim left to pay the rest of the money for the alcohol and pick Carly up from the airport, Megan, Allison and I went to JCPenney’s. I lured them into going with me because I found out the night before that my bridesmaid dress was completely see through and I needed the proper undergarments to fix the situation on my hands.

Last minute. Of course.

So we went there and the explosion of color in the store was too much for the three of us. I didn’t find what I needed, but we walked out with much swag. Most of it was for my sister, who wanted new yoga pants because she didn’t wash hers and was lazy. Yup. They got her a BRIDE tank top and hoodie, and a pair of yoga pants. The Bacchinis are the best.

We hopped across the street to Target where I found what I needed to survive wedding day. And other things. Like spinach dip and chips and other awesomeness. (We were hungry, OK?) We also got Erin’s Bachelorette #2 rescheduled to 10pm at PoleWorx. One of the instructors had rolled her ankle and they had double booked, so we got pushed. We didn’t mind. Halfway home, mom called to see if I could go to Target and get melting chocolates. So we went back and I ran in. When I came back out, a large quantity of chips had been devoured.

Can you blame them?

So we finally got home and I got to see my Carly girl! Pretty quickly we had to get ready for the evening, so Stesha, Carly and I got ready in my room. Erin drove Allison and Megan to their hotel and then to her house to get ready. **I wore my MAID OF HONOR sparkly tank that Erin got me, my bright yellow blouse unbuttoned over it, jeans, and my new neon and brown wedges. I was rockin’ it. Everyone convened at my house again (Allison, Megan, Carly, Stesha, Erin, Michelle, me) and I drove us down to Westport Flea Market. Because apparently we kind of love that place or something.


After Flea Market, we drove to the grocery store down the street to get beer to enjoy during the pole class we were driving to. While some of us sat in the parking lot, a man came out of the store who was very notable. He was wearing a scuba suit, had an eye patch, and carrying groceries. Oh, and he got into his car. Which was a hearse. Not a joke. Proof:

It was amazing. But it was too dark to get a photo.

So we went to class. And it was hilarious and incredible. And painful. Erin and Allison win for best on the pole for sure. And I had to get talked into going upside down, which was scary but fun when it happened. We all ended up with bruises on our legs, which was super cute. And there are videos and photos galore, but what happened there stays between the Bachelorette girls.

So everyone else loses.

Afterward, we drove to Waldo to meet with Tim and his second Bachelor party. It was very quiet, I think we were really the only people in the bar. Erin and Tim ended up taking shots and we all quite enjoyed ourselves for a while. Then we got tired. So I drove us home.

7 6 unnamed

Wednesday had been exhausting for our traveling friends, and we had accomplished a lot. It was time for a nap.


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