Make It Rain!

OK GUYS!!! It’s been raining the last couple of days. It’s cool. I love rain. I’ve been able to sport my citrus galoshes and my yellow umbrella (SOOOOO HIMYM!). My hair is a bit frizzy, and the weather has turned the power off two nights in a row, but I digress.

Besides the rain pouring outside, it’s raining somewhere else. IN MY ACS STUDENT LOAN ACCOUNT! I checked my checking account to see what kind of funds I have and–although I’m not quite at “rich beyond belief from living with my parents” status–I could afford to pay off my remaining student loans. All in stride, I am paying off one. The more expensive one. Because I like a little cushion for the pushin’ in the bank. So today, I’m makin’ it rain on my student loan and now I only owe to ONE company (that charges less interest, BOO-YA!).

I just thought this little mid-day perk would be a good reason for everyone to recognize what their mid-day perks are right now. What’s going right for you? Did you wake up with a chai latte or get your barista’s #? Did your boss leave you less work so you can browse the interwebs looking at cute puppies? What’s making your day great?


Who wants to go out tonight? Drinks on YOU!

Peace up, A-Town!


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