Your Now

You can want many things in life. You could even deserve the things that you want. A new haircut, a white picket fence, a job you don’t hate… But I truly speak straight from the heart when I voice my opinion concerning this topic. Disregard the critics and the cynics that may claim I have no heart or that–worse still–it’s black and decrepit. I have plenty of heart. Just ask my east coast friends.  A person does not know true, real desire until they can fully picture themselves in that position; with that person, in that house, with that haircut… when they can see themselves in that position and then feel an emptiness over the fact that their reality is not that dream. So many people are ruined over that dream they have, for they make it such a stark focus in their lives that it hurts. Not only does it hurt the heart in the absence of that reality, but it hurts the soul when you feel inadequate. It hurts your mentality when you question why you aren’t at that point or with that person or in possession of that thing in your life. It hurts your future when you obsess over it… when you make plans and you live in that planned world instead of the world that you’ve been given.
This sweet, magnificent, beautiful world is yours. You might not always be at the stage you want to be at. You will experience growing pains. People will come into your life and people will leave. If you believe you put more effort or more thought into a relationship of any sort, don’t be discouraged. You don’t know what the other person is going through. Not everyone is an open book, and maybe the pages that you see have less writing on them than yours do. Just because someone isn’t telling you how they feel doesn’t mean they don’t feel it. Be patient. Wait for it. Look for it in small gestures. When someone fixes you a plate for dinner… that’s love. When someone makes sure you have a blanket wrapped around you… that’s love. When someone shares the remote control or asks you what movie you want to watch or asks for your opinion on food options… these are all signs of love. They may be small and they may seem fleeting, but these things wouldn’t be happening if the sentiment weren’t reciprocated to some extent.
You might be struggling, but you never know what other people are dealing with. Find happiness in the now. Stay patient. Be aware. Have goals and dreams, but don’t spend your life–or even half or a quarter of your life–living in the future. Or the past, for that matter. Live in the now. Be with the people around you. Support the people you love. Be what they need, but be you. Be the strong, silent, supportive type but throw in some comedic relief every once in a while. If you notice their eating habits are suffering, share your food or cook for them. Give them less decision to stress over. This–above all and in most situations–is what I struggle with. I can’t make decisions to save my life, but I could be making decisions to improve the quality of everyone’s life.
You always hear the phrase “write what you know”. Well, I was reminded of it by a very smart friend the other day and–not to toot my own horn here–I know a lot. And I’m scattered and I know a lot of the above isn’t cohesive, but I am living in this train-of-thought reality. And it’s real. And it’s now. And I’m sharing it with you. This is my open book.
What would you like to share with the world about your now? Reply below, or write your post (but make sure to tag me or let me know somehow so I can read it!).

5 thoughts on “Your Now

  1. My now is comprised of: 25% distraction, 25% numbness, 25% determination, 25% happiness. The last two are listed last because the other two – though equal in my NOW – are trying very hard to overcome the second 2. I didn’t write a blog post today because of my now, the distraction of my numbness working against my determination towards happiness. But each day brings new challenges, and the life we live is our working against and over those challenges.

    In each of our journeys in and toward happiness, there will be dips in our paths. I would like to call them grooves – because I can dance with the struggle, groove to the music (stupid, right? Well, I just came up with it and it is what I am thinking). Dance through them, with your middle fingers in the air if you have to. And remember that everything you do is for the good of someone: you, your loved ones, someone who has passed.


  2. I love you right now and always!
    My right now consists of a lot of transition, but it’s so much positive change! I’m happy to be in a city again and in a place where I have more opportunity to flourish in my career and personal life. Honestly, I get overwhelmed with everything happening at once and dealing with it mostly independently, but I know I’m surrounded by a support system that catches me when I’m down.

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