The Value Of Time. And A Rant.

I really subscribe to the above quote. It might not even be fair that I feel massively disrespected by people who are late or seem to have zero regard for my time. That’s because I do see my time as valuable. I see everyone’s time as one of the most valuable things. That’s why it irked me when events and seminars didn’t start on time in high school. Don’t even get me started on the tardiness at the collegiate level. Couple that with the “laid back” Southern California atmosphere, and no one around me was getting anything done.

And all I can think is, “Here I am, giving you my time. I could be doing anything else and I’m turning my attention to you. The least you could do is respect that time and avoid making me wait.”

But then I realize that not everyone thinks that way. And probably 73% of the population is more patient than I could ever be. Hey, I’m working on it. So I understand that I can’t make all of my friends and family realize the value of every single person’s slice of time that they captivate. It’s also not a priority. It’s just the way I think.

Do amazing things with your time. And value and respect the moments you steal away with others. Those are memories and experiences they voluntarily create with you. Bask in the glow of the fact that this is a choice. Someone with valuable time is choosing to spend that beautiful moment with you. I bet it will make you smile more.


***Rant: To all the scum ticket scalpers/brokers with their own “companies” “earning” their money by skimming off the top and stealing from consumers, I may put on a smiley face while at work, but I have zero respect for you. And, clearly, the sentiment is returned when you waste my time making my colleagues and I flip through the coming events EVERY SINGLE DAY when you know the schedule by heart and are trying to make us think you’re not there all the time. I have been patient and pleasant and helpful while you have undermined–and underestimated–my intelligence and wasted my valuable time and the precious time of my coworkers and the ticket-buying public. They don’t call it “scalping” for nothing.


One thought on “The Value Of Time. And A Rant.

  1. I love this. Time is often underappreciated…especially other peoples’ time. But I never see a moment as wasted. At one point, that is what was best for me to be doing, that is what I wanted to do, that is what I needed to be doing to grow. In the moment I get impatient and carried away, but looking back I am just grateful…at least I try to be 🙂

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