Quizzical Ponderings 2: Dogs

I did it, guys. Last week, I told you about how I took a “What Dog Would You Be?” quiz in middle school. And guess what started popping up on my newsfeed Saturday morning? Apparently BuzzFeed’s got a dog quiz! Not one to be outdone, I decided to give this one a try. (Keep in mind, this is a totally different quiz, 10 years later.) Some of you may think I got the same results as last time, right? (Reminder: I got golden retriever. Loyal, cozy, larger dog with an even-temper.) Well, apparently I’ve changed. The above photo is my result!

And you know what? I’d agree! Whenever anyone asks me what my heritage/cultural background is, I usually tell them I’m a European mutt. I know I’m not the first to use this term, but it certainly fits!

“Renegade” – a person who leaves one group, religion, etc., and joins another that opposes it; someone or something that causes trouble and cannot be controlled
Although I don’t necessarily agree with the above definitions of renegade, I do see how I can be a nonconformist at times. (A lot of my INCREDIBLE friends in the midwest are Republican nurses, to name one way in which I stand out from the others.) In another way, I have never quite left my faith, but I don’t agree with everything the Church teaches. That’s just me being honest. But I’ve never left my religion to join another. (However, Judaism had better watch out! In all seriousness, I’m fascinated!) And I do cause trouble and I can’t necessarily be controlled. So “RENEGADE FO LYFE”!

I also agree with the artist part. As many of you know, I come from a family of DIYers and crafty people. I write, I sing, I dance (not well), I draw and paint and everything in between. Keeps my brain useful and my body moving! And no, I don’t get confined to any tight spaces. That’s out of principle. I’m not claustrophobic. As for life experience, I have been told I tell some really funny stories. My facial expressions are something that make me proud (And apparently make people laugh really hard. Although should I take offense to that?) and I do have a lot of random life experiences to share with people. So random, in fact, that I can’t umbrella them in order to form any one, coherent book or essay. I’m a mess. I CAN’T BE CONFINED TO ANY SORT OF BOX!

I’m a mutt. And proud.


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