Quizzical Ponderings 1: Perfect Career

Alright, so we’ve all seen the crazy amount of quizzes popping up on BuzzFeed. And you know what? These quizzes aren’t anything new. I know I’m not the only one who has been taking online quizzes since middle school. I remember being in computer class with the 8th graders while I was in 7th grade (I chose to be in choir class, so it flopped my schedule around.), and taking a “What dog would you be?” quiz. I got golden retriever. Go figure.

Anyway, I thought it’d be fun to do a weekly series with BuzzFeed quizzes, my results, and what I think they mean. And you can take the quiz and comment below! (Or you can write about it in your blog and PLUG MY BLOG AT THE SAME TIME! Shameless desire for cross promotion. You can quench that thirst.)


So last night, I took the “What Career Should You Actually Have?” quiz. (As opposed to what? What career I don’t actually have yet? Cool.) Well, as you can see from the featured image above, this miss prissy got “Designer”. Which is hilarious, in my opinion. I have only ever heard that twice in my life.

Once was on New Years Day at brunch in 2010. This guy I am NOT friends with (But who is friends with my friend’s now-husband, so he had spent the night as well.) just flat out said, “Are you studying to be a designer or something?” I was taken aback by his statement, and actually a little pissed off. I was wearing a pretty shitty sweatshirt, my makeup had rubbed off from the night before, and I hadn’t brushed my teeth. Since we didn’t quite get a long, I wasn’t very fond of his statement. His defense? “You have a very eclectic style. You wear your hair at an angle, and you cut your own top. You seem creative like that.” His last sentence redeemed his previous statement. Kind of. But yeah, that was the winter that they over-chopped my hair, so I wore it in an odd bob (with bangs that didn’t necessarily complement the style), and I had cut the top of the sweatshirt 80s style. I just wanted to be comfy, but I looked like I didn’t want anyone to put baby in the corner.

The second time I was told I should be a designer was at our office’s Christmas party while I was employed in NYC. We were going around the table trying to decide what everyone would be if they weren’t in entertainment marketing. My incredible coworker named Carl Levin looked long and hard at me, and then said, “Designer.” Everyone laughed, but I just asked him why. He said, “Well, you seem to always be dressing to impress.” He then went on about how I was super professional and fun, and that if it wasn’t designer, he’d say jewelry sales or personal shopper. If you have supporting evidence like MY PERSONALITY, how can I possibly tell you you’re wrong?

Anyway, I am very creative. I can see many of the things that I do–working with visuals, creating copy, and DIY projects–fitting under the “designer” category. But I–like many others–see “designer” as a fashion show runner, assistant to the Editor of Vogue, or something of the sort. “Designer” could mean any array of things. And–for now, at least–I can consider myself a designer of my fate. OOOOOH FANCY WORDS. So, I guess the quiz was correct.

P.S. While I couldn’t necessarily see myself as an architect (See: Other occupational options at the bottom of the visual), I can see the sketches and creatives I work on as such. But I totally and completely agree with seeing myself as an editor. I have been a Contributing Editor, Writer, and Copy Editor already in my short lifespan. Now on to bigger positions at more amazing companies!!!!


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