38 Best Tweets Of The Golden Globes 2014

So, the website this was originally supposed to be published to has gone on indefinite hiatus. I wasn’t aware until super recently that this was a thing, so a lot of my work did not get published. Slowly but surely, I want to bring my column topics over to the dark side (AKA my own blog) to test them out and see if you guys love them like I do. I know this post seems a little late, but I sifted through all the tweets from The Golden Globes (and I mean ALL of them) and found everything that I think you’ll like! So check it out and let me know what you thought of the awards earlier this month!

There were some opinions being tossed around the interwebs at The Golden Globes. If you weren’t glued to your Twitter feed for the latest on the Golden Globes, don’t worry. We were. Overwhelmingly, Amy Poehler deserved her win. Everyone wanted to reminisce on their days of having crushes on Jared Leto. A lot of people made fun of J. Law’s dress. (But LOVED that she photo bombed T. Swift. Because we all feel the same way about T. Swift.) Everyone loved the drunk actresses and no one has seen “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”. (But really, has your head been in a hole somewhere?) Anyway, in case you missed all the shenanigans of the show, we have a list of our favorite tweets of the night. And it’s right under this paragraph. (P.S. Diane Keaton wasn’t singing a song from a horror movie. It was a Girl Scout song.)

























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