Beautiful World

A couple days ago, I posted a photo of my campus. Well, it was a clearly Instagrammed set of photos that I did not take. Because when I went to school, I didn’t have a smart phone. Three years ago.

Yup, I’m cool.

Today, I wanted to share a photo I took (and Instagrammed) of my home now. I was lucky enough to go on a date last weekend at The Country Club Plaza (Look it up. It will amaze you.), and the sun set over the buildings just outside our window. It was perfect. I am lucky enough to see the beauty in every place I end up, and I hope that you do too! Take a photo of where you’re at right now and share it with me. Blog it. Tweet it. Instagram it. Comment on this post. Don’t forget to tag me so I can see how beautiful your world is!

Instagram – @MerelyGrace
Twitter – @MerelyGrace


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