My Turf

I found the collection of photos above on Pinterest one day. And… WOW! Guys, this is where I went to school. I watched sunsets over the bay reflect off the sides of the white buildings. I was lucky enough to call this place home. For two and a half years I wandered those grounds. I got to eat the incredible food and talk back to some of the most amazing professors. I learned a lot. I slept a lot. I made a lot of really cool friends. I dressed up, I dressed down, and I didn’t do anything that I regret. So, kudos to me!

It took me almost my entire freshman year to realize that the place honestly does resemble a fancy rehab facility, but it’s a rehab facility I would attend if I ever needed it. (Most of the people there probably needed it, but that’d neither here nor there.) It resembles Balboa Park, but it’s not. (Balboa Park is what you saw in Anchorman. Not my school.) I think they filmed Veronica Mars at my school. A lot of famous peoples’ siblings went there… Enrique Iglesias’ half sister was there while I was and Melissa Joan Hart’s sister was a Theta like me.

They’re taking down the tree in the lower left photo. It’s the Maher leaning tree, and it has served as a staple in our community since before it was a school. I wrote an article about it my freshman year for the newspaper, and it was a conundrum to everyone. We originally attributed the lean to how the rain fell on it and load bearing water. But, even though the groundskeepers told me that, I should have known better… USD didn’t see rain but for a total of two weeks each semester. (One full week was, of course, dedicated to finals week. Always.) The tree is diseased, so they have to rip it out.

So the campus is losing an icon. Worse could happen. Like, the science building that they spent years designing to perfection could be slowly falling down the slope it sits on onto Linda Vista. Oh, Wait. That is happening…


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