For the two months before Christmas, if you find yourself shopping, you cannot avoid a Salvation Army collection tin and a person ringing a bell. What’s more? I have prescriptions at KMart and I went there several times in that window and every time you go to check out, it asks you if you’d like to donate money to a children’s hospital. I’m down. I’m down for all of it. I’ll give money to charity and help with school fundraisers. But it also makes me realize–often–that I am NOT made of money. I can’t just drop cash here and there. And often, I don’t even HAVE cash on me! (My dad would shake his head at me if he read this. Good thing he doesn’t read. And if he did, it wouldn’t be my blog. It is what it is.)

So then I think, what would happen if I didn’t give the dollar? Or the five? Besides looking like a complete asshole in front of this cashier that I don’t know or this person standing in the cold, I am disappointing that child in the hospital. Or that person without food. Catholic guilt takes hold of me and I have a panic attack.

I’m lucky that I can normally afford to give monetarily. But what of those who can’t? Well, I grew up listening to it in church so I guess I can apply it to real life. I give of myself. I donate my time, talent, and treasure (Look Ma, it stuck with me!) often to charity and the people around me. I am a very “Yes” person. This often lands me doing too much for too little, which is OK in doses. Please don’t take advantage of this admission? Plus I have found some very amazing non profits to help with in my old age. Yes, I am old.

Anyway, I really liked this visual when I stumbled across it. That is how this post came about. And now you all know that I paid attention in church when they wanted us to give them our money. Good times.


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