Don’t Take It For Granted

Today, I needed some inspiration. Not necessarily because life is tough or anything. Honestly, it’s because I’m trying a 7-day cleanse. I don’t mind it for the most part, but I am working today. And work means I can smell the food from across the street wafting in through my window. I smell grease and fries. I even thought I smelled funnel cake earlier! This concerns me, because it’s only 11:30am. But it is what it is. So, here I sit, with my green tea next to me, dreaming of WARM sunny days (At least the sun is out!), and keeping my fingers crossed that today does not lower my morale.

The quote above is just my reminder. It’s not always there, but being grateful is something to work toward. And recently, I’ve woken up every morning in a chipper mood. A couple of times, I have gotten up early to go to the gym with mom and Erin. And by early, I mean up at 6:15 and there by 6:30 kind of early. And I haven’t gotten cranky over it. Because why get cranky when I am able to enjoy a half hour of endurance before I really start my day? (And why be cranky when I get to nap later, right?) Everyone, take it all in stride. Wake up and be thankful you have a job to go to. Or a family that loves you. Or that you have the opportunity to learn. Or all three.

I’ve got them all. And I’m not taking them for granted.


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