In 2013, I did some traveling. I went to Tennessee twice. (Once was for my grandfather’s funeral, so that wasn’t really a fun one.) I flew to NOLA for the first time ever. That was incredible! I also flew to Chicago to visit some really awesome people. I experienced so many things in between and got to really explore the city that I live in. And I love it.

2013 missed California. I didn’t go. Not once. I have been to California every year since 2008. That doesn’t sound like a lot now that I think about it, but living there makes it seem like I was always vacationing. 2013 also missed New York. I went an entire calendar year without that place in my life. And you know what? I survived. Because I’m learning to love where I’m at while I’m there.

2014 is about to be awesome. I’m wanting to introduce Destin to NYC. And interview for jobs, of course. I might be going to Scotland with my family. (We’ll talk about that if it comes to fruition.) I am going to see my friend get married in San Diego in August. If I’m lucky, that will turn into a west coast adventure. I miss my friends. And the other night, I got an itch to go on a road trip to Texas. I have family in Austin and friends in Houston, so why not? We’ll see if that happens as well. Either way, I plan to make it a year of more travel. And more experiencing of my home, wherever that may be.

And I still really want to go to Santorini.


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