Christmas Of Sweaters

It’s been a while. That’s probably not a necessary statement, seeing as the couple of people who follow my blog either haven’t noticed I’ve been gone (so they clearly don’t care), or have noticed and I’m being obvious.

Listen, Christmas was amazing. Not only did we do Schneider family Christmas Eve (My aunt made Jell-O shots, Thank God!), but I got to celebrate Christmas Day with TWO families this year–Destin’s and my own. I will admit, I’m usually the person who stays in their (brand new) PJs every Christmas day, waking everyone up before 7am and eating homemade cinnamon rolls after gifts into a food coma. But this year…

…I did the same thing. But I didn’t get the nap. So, here’s a run down of the Schneider day for you all. So my family can relive it, I can love it, and the public can scoff at it.

Between 2am and 6am: Meredith is having trouble sleeping. She probably got a total of 3 or 4 solid hours of sleep. (SHE… Third person. Take note.)
6:37am: Meredith tries to wake up her siblings. It doesn’t work. Ian’s alarm is set for 6:57am.
6:58am: Meredith goes to wake up her dad. Her mom is already up and walking Kali.
7:02am: Meredith goes to Ian’s room to get him, telling him his alarm must not have gone off. He tells her she is wrong, and that he just turned it off and stayed in bed.
7:04am: Ian walks to Meredith’s room and gets straight into her bed, barely responding to anything with more than a grunt.
7:08am: The kids take their annual photo at the top of the stairs and Meredith runs past Erin and Ian to get to the living room. Ian hobbles. It’s disgusting.
7:10am-7:15am (ish): Distribute and open stockings.
7:15am-7:23am (ish): Distribute gifts into piles.
7:25am-8:49am (ish): Open, open, open! My pile looked like this at the end of it all:


I am a very lucky girl. I got 4 sweaters (Because I wanted ALL THE SWEATERS), a Tinkerbell ornament, hangers (That I asked for because I can be practical too!), and an Anthro candle I asked for from my parents. I also got these cool gray and black animal print PJs from them as my Christmas Eve gift. AND the next day my last gift came in the mail from them! A YELLOW UMBRELLA! “How I Met Your Mother” style! They know me… Ian got me black diamond earrings. Erin got me a knife set (OH YEAH!), gel pens (I have been looking for them EVERYWHERE.), A JoTote (coolest thing EVER), and a Kate Spade radio dial bangle (It says “Tune In” on the inside! SO COOL!). My grandma sent me one of my grandpa’s trains from his train set, a sparkly shoe ornament, and earrings made from the roses at his memorial service in May. Not kidding, they smell like roses. It’s pretty awesome!

Besides that, I had gone to a Christmas party at my sister’s house the weekend before and got a New York mug filled with gingerbread Twix from Michelle (and Joe), and some white elephant gifts. At Schneider Christmas Eve, Aunt Jen gave all the girls handmade infinity chain scarves, and I got a glass water bottle and candy from my Secret Santa (Emily). I have received cute cards with monetary/gift card funds from Grandma Schneider, Aunt Vickie, Destin’s sister and Destin’s mommy. I am the most spoiled girl ever!

After all of those shenanigans, the family enjoyed homemade cinnamon rolls and listened to “Snowed In” by Hanson. Ok, I listened and Erin danced but no one else cared. It’s just a thing we do. I took all my stuff upstairs and got the hangers out, putting all of my new sweaters in their rightful place. I also wrote my Thank You notes. Because I do that. And everyone should. Tim came over and he and Erin swapped gifts. I got a bottle of Middle Sister wine from him, which is my favorite.

Around 12:20pm I got out of town. I put makeup on, fixed my hair, and put one of my new sweaters on. My dad actually picked which one I should wear! I capped it off with my diamond earrings and the Kate Spade bangle (which I’m having trouble taking off on a regular basis). I went to Blue Springs to see Destin and his family and got to meet his mom’s sister, mom and nephew. We ate a giant meal and I got to unwrap gifts with them! Destin and I got a little carried away with our gifts to our families, but it was so much fun! As stated earlier, I got some stuff from Destin’s mommy and sister. I also got some Russell Stover’s candy from his aunt and Destin got me a Mickey sweater! So my Christmas of Sweaters continued!


We hung out for a few hours and I went home around 7:30ish to spend some more time with my family. It was still a very relaxing day, but totally out of character for me to not wear PJs all day. Or to drive. At all. I don’t think I have ever driven on Christmas Day. And I’ve never celebrated with anyone other than my family.

It’s good to have change sometimes. But I don’t think my mom realizes she’s going to be stuck with me for every Christmas until probably the end of time. And I’m totally fine with that.


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