So Many Things To Catch You Up On!

Lucky me, life has been pretty hectic lately. Last month, I went to the Pink concert (something I alluded to in a previous post) for the SECOND TIME on her “Truth About Love” tour! I know… I’m super lucky to be surrounded by people who share the same interests as I do, and therefore will make memories at fun events like that with me. Let me run it by you with a short recap.

Pink is awesome. Erin and I took my mother on a Schneider Women Date to the show. We sped over to Sprint right after one of Ian’s freezing cold games (Which they won, duh!). We sat right next to the stage in 115, which was comparable to our seats in March… except those seats were nosebleeds and these were 5th row. Yeah. It’s kind of like that. And Pink? She was phenomenal! I got choked up again for what I thought was no reason during this show. It’s just so fun to see someone that incredibly talented out on stage. AND. ENJOYING. IT. And it’s not some fake enjoyment (Need I mention this crap?). It’s genuine and it’s amazing and I love it. I aspire to that kind of talent. Thanks for ROCKIN’ IT, Pink!

IMG_3282 IMG_3295 IMG_3303 IMG_3309 IMG_3317 IMG_3327


Also, I’d like to mention that Ian’s high school soccer team placed 4th at State competition! Not that we didn’t expect much from the team, but I don’t think ANYONE expected them to do so well! They have now tied for the best Pius has ever done at soccer state. Plus, Ian got 1st Team All Districts and 1st Team All Sectionals. We are currently waiting for State Rankings, but I’d say he has a pretty good chance. The announcer for the game was all about him, and I can’t say I blame him. It was Ian’s first year at goal in his entire life and he DOMINATED! So, so proud!


Oh, are you curious about the Bridal Shower and Surprise Bachelorette Party I threw for my sister right after Thanksgiving? Well, I can lead you to a piece I wrote for SO, but you’re going to have to wait for other details until later this week. Stay posted!



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