And It All Comes Down To This…

My little brother is amazing. My little brother isn’t so little anymore, either. At 6 foot 2, he has far outgrown me (and has totally passed me in the good looks department). He’s been a varsity letterman in 3 different sports, helped the varsity basketball team place 2nd in the State Championship last year, went to state in golf in the spring, and does super well in school. His sophomore year of high school, he was coaxed in to playing soccer instead of football. He agreed, deciding he would play soccer until he beefed up and go back to football. Soccer stole his heart. And he has played every position in the short three years he has played, earning stupid amounts of awards and being super awesome (DUH!).

So this year, no one wanted to be goalie. Pius’ goalie graduated last year and the coach never trained anyone else. Who better than my brother, who is the golden child at everything? Well, now golden child is participating in State Quarterfinals this afternoon at 1pm at Rockhurst University. And Ian will be the one in obnoxious orange, fighting for his team with his ET fingers and ski feet. I absolutely cannot wait to watch him in action.

IMG_7321 IMG_7327 IMG_7328Photo credits to Erin Schneider @ DoubleTake

Anecdote: Tuesday, Pius played in 30-ish degree weather. It was a struggle, but they won 2-1. And when they were leaving, a kid from the other team told one of Ian’s teammates that Ian should be playing for the MLS. He then asked how long Ian had been playing goalie, and assumed it was since he was super, super tiny. Ian’s teammate laughed and had to admit it was Ian’s first year at goal.

If only we had cultivated his goal-keeping talent at a younger age. (Just like we should have gotten me out on the ski slopes earlier.) Mom could have herself some Olympic athletes!


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