Engaged By This

So I promised a while back that I would talk to you all about how awesome my friends and I are at planning parties. Usually, small get togethers are something my sister and I team up to produce. But this time, she is the blushing bride (and will be until March 21st… EEEEGATS!!!). So, our dear friends Joe and Michelle specifically requested to host a small Engagement Party get together at their casa to benefit the future Mr. and Mrs. Tim Zimmerman (and because they really wanted to have a party… duh!). We put a lot of thought and planning into it, but that probably wasn’t too necessary. The Altenhofens donated beer to the cause, Michelle made her famous cucumber sandwiches and provided a veggie tray, Joe made chili and wings (and pasta… because Michelle eats everything with pasta), and Destin and I were in charge of other things. 

That Friday night, we went to the St. Pius X football game (where I filmed Ian on the sidelines the whole time) and then headed off to Price Chopper to pick up some ingredients for the next day. We spent some time in the parking lot trying to get photos of the rad lightning, but nothing turned out right (boo!). Still, it was pretty fun. Then we raced around the store, went home, and made a triple batch of pumpkin dip. We made too much. It’s still in the fridge downstairs (and probably moldy).


So that Saturday, Destin and I set off on a day date. We went to my favorite coffee shop north of the river (Headrush Roasters) and relaxed for a while. The owner recognized my name from Facebook (Because I’m a celebrity… and we have the same last name), and his wife regaled us with stories of the many teas in the shop. It was actually quite fun! Then, we rode out to Kansas to go apple picking. Between me having to pee about 80 times and losing my phone (just dropped it by Mother Willow), it really was quite fun! We ended up with 10lbs of freshly picked apples after a couple of hours of pretending to know what we were doing (I had no idea what I was doing) on a gorgeous fall day.


After a quick run to the store, I realized what time it was and we sped to my house. My parents willingly lent their oxygen to blow up our balloons (Michelle’s last minute idea), and we speed-made a giant apple crisp for dessert. I ran upstairs and got ready (even though I didn’t feel ready), we ran one last errand, and then showed up at Michelle and Joe’s with little time to spare. We provided them with the dip (and crackers), apple crisp, and cranberry apple drink with pears and apples cut up in it. Destin is the best at cutting fruit. That is my one true admission. Also, the fruit soaked the vodka right up. That stuff made people DRUNK.

IMG_0531  IMG_0503  IMG_0491 IMG_0480  IMG_0434  IMG_0407

It was also Jeff’s birthday, so I made him a chocolate chip cookie in a cup and we sang Happy Birthday to him. Against his will. That was Joe’s fault.



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