Mainstream Music And Many Muses

I know it’s been a few days since I last posted, but it’s been a crazy weekend! (Excuses, excuses, excuses!) I’ll give you a little run-down, however, before I jump into the next blog prompt. BTW while I was gone, I was mentioned in this post. Pretty awesome, huh?

Friday I was lucky enough to secure tickets to Buzz Beach Ball from my sister (Thanks, Erin!) who ended up not being able to go. So she and I went shopping (I bought two dresses, which I am still debating on keeping), and I met Destin at work in Westport to drive to lunch and then the show. I wore a 90’s inspired skater dress and my bad ass boots. It will be a sad day when I have to retire them (they should have been retired a long time ago). The show was INCREDIBLE. So many amazing artists. The only problem I had was the beverage line… 35 minutes and I ended up with a Redd’s Strawberry Ale. And we missed Daughter’s set. So sad. Other than that, they evening was fabulous and I couldn’t have had a better time on a beautiful night with the sunset and the Missouri River as our backdrop!

Saturday it ended up raining, so a day at the Fall Fest wasn’t in the stars for us. Mom, Dad and I took Ian to take photos for his senior homecoming around 5. Then I came home and met with Destin around 7:30 and we went to the Fall Fest. We got kettle corn, took photos, and he ate a giant turkey leg (I got a Nathan’s hot dog that was inconveniently placed on two hamburger buns because they were out of hot dog buns). We bought dog treats for our puppies, were unimpressed by the candle selection this year, and enjoyed cherry lemonades before consuming Sheridan’s Frozen Custard for dessert. We delighted in the new SNL with my dad for a while. Then we tried to watch Monster’s, Inc. again and fell asleep. For the second time.


Sunday I woke up around 10, which is way late for me. Destin and I met Michelle and Elaina at Buffalo Wild Wings and watched some football. We came back to the house and watched more football when Michelle and Elaina needed to sleep off their colds, and we both fell asleep again. At least I didn’t unflatteringly fall asleep with a giant bag of kettle corn on my lap, and that is all I have to say.

Yesterday I worked and I read and I even took a nap after mom and I went to the gym. Then we reported to Sprint Center for the NIN concert at 3:30 and were there until 9:30. All in all, it was a pretty productive Monday. But I am still sorry I neglected you.


Let’s talk about my views on mainstream music for a moment, shall we? I know it’s probably not as appetizing a prompt for you all as it is for me, but I’d really like to comment on it (however briefly). I enjoy music. I have always been a connoisseur of music. Unabashedly, people approach me for new music suggestions, ideas, and commentary. I enjoy that I am kind of “the music man” in my circles of friends. That being said, I’m not a huge fan of mainstream music. I can’t take a stance against all of it, because I do not confine myself to one genre or even specifically black out specific genres. I am very unimpressed with a lot of the music that is played on hit stations on the radio, but that doesn’t mean I hate all mainstream music.

I love Katy Perry. Her last two songs that have been teased have made me cringe, but I will admit that has happened before and the songs have grown on me. I might not be a fan of what I’m hearing right now, but I am a fan of her. I enjoy her personality and her strength and what she has done in the music community. I find that this might be the case for other artists. I enjoy them as people because they put themselves out there and really put a piece of their heartbreak or their emotion in their music for everyone else to see. It’s like a showcase, and not every artist is willing to do something that brave. So I really enjoy that.

Then there are bands that I enjoy because of their lyrical genius. Panic! At The Disco might write some poppy tunes and make people want to vomit sometimes, but the lyrics are really clever and biting and have been for a long time. I won’t knock it. Just like I enjoy Lorde because of her smooth voice and biting lyrics. It’s something about her edge and the way she presents herself.

Anyone who isn’t afraid to show their personality is going to be up for critique. Taylor Swift has shown the world that she whines over breakups and thinks she’s the victim every time. Some people can relate. I can’t stand it. Kanye West is at the other end of the spectrum, comparing himself to Jesus. I might dance a bit in the car to one of his songs once a month or so, but I can’t stand the way he presents himself. No, thank you. A lot of mainstream music now conforms to the “louder is better” or everything has the same beat. I’m not a huge fan of that. I might dance to it when I’m out somewhere, but I don’t go dancing that much and in order to enjoy more than half an hour of it, I must have a drink with me.

It’s kind of like that.

But I have opinions on everything. I’ll give most things a chance. And I’ll have reasons to back up why I am or am not a fan of something. So to take “mainstream music” and to completely bag on it or lift it on a pedestal is not a complete answer to me.

If you wonder about a certain artist I may or may not like, ask me. I’ll be honest. Looking for music suggestions? Come to me. I’ll help. 😉


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