5 Attractive Guys

I decided to grab a blog prompt completely out of order. It was just easier. Today, I am working. So I pre-drafted this sucker last night. And you know what? It has pictures. Which means it’s easier to read. Which means more people will probably look at it. So, the prompt was to take photos of 5 celebs that I think are attractive. Easy enough. Here they are:

#1. David Henrie (Featured photo). Anyone who knows me even remotely knows that I watched Wizards of Waverly Place because of this guy. As an adult. In college. I mean, it was a clever show but COME ON. Kid had great comedic timing, perfect facial expressions, and a fabulous nose. AND GREAT HAIR! Plus he’s Ted Mosby’s son. Does it get any better? I know I said I’d never like Italian boys, but Meredith Henrie has a ring to it, eh? And he might have tattoos, but they’re religious. That has to count for something, right?  (P.S. The videos above are his response to my tweet… NOT KIDDING.)

Image #2. Cameron Hurley. He is a guitarist for the band We Are The In Crowd. AND THAT NOSE. So funny (trust me, he’s on Twitter), and so much fun to watch!

Image  #3. Alexander Noyes. The drummer for Honor Society. Seriously, look at that nose. Plus, Google him. His smile is just tops!

Image #4. Did anyone NOT want their own Seth Cohen back in the days of The O.C.? Adam Brody steals my heart with every character he plays. Plus he’s a drummer. The only one with a smaller nose on my list, but he can definitely convey it all with a look. And if you don’t know which episode of The O.C. that’s from, you don’t deserve my friendship. 
#5. Jake Johnson. I love the show New Girl. Jess is my favorite. Schmidt is my second favorite. But the most attractive? Nick. Look at that attitude. And that nose!

Anyone notice a pretty similar pattern here? Noses are pretty awesome. And sarcasm. Totally a sense of humor. AND great teeth. Never mind. Just have a brain and be famous and be awesome. Cool.


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