Lazy Day Monday

Today’s “challenge” is bullet pointing my day for you!

* Wake up. Take multivitamin. Check email. 
* Grab Pop Tarts and run to room.
* Watch an hour of Gilmore Girls.
* Upload/Create free Shutterfly memory book. (Thank you, McDonald’s Monopoly!)
* Get surprise phone call from Destin. 
* Create/Send visuals to BTR.
* WeTransfer my short film for the B&B Short Film Fest.
* Check status on new gift I bought myself. It has been on a truck for delivery since 6:14am.
* Talk with my mom while she paints the dining room and shows me where she’s moving the furniture.
* Make a bologna, cheese, and honey mustard sandwich on whole wheat.
* Consume sandwich in room while Facebook stalking.
Now this will happen…
* Email venues for Erin’s Bridal Shower.
* Watch Nick Carter fall apart on Dr. Phil @ 3.
* Sign for my package. Lay it out and take photos and post on all social media. Rake over with a fine toothed comb to make sure it’s all in perfect condition.
* Leave for Zumba at 4:30 with Erin.
* 5pm & 6pm Zumba classes
* Get home around 7:30 and consume whatever delights my parents have made for dinner.
* Do plank challenge, squat challenge, and yoga.
* Shower.
* Drink hot tea and sit on the deck in my PJs (If I’m lucky). Alternate ending: Go see Michelle and Joe.

This sounds like a good day. A lazy one for me, but I’m into it.


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