The Beer Fairy

Today I’m supposed to talk about a moment that I felt the most satisfied with my life. You know what’s crazy, though? I have allowed myself to sit back and really reflect on life the last year a lot more than I allowed myself to before. And I see the value in everything that I’ve done. It’s been really crazy, as I’m sure I have mentioned before. Sometimes I feel deflated and sometimes I feel like I’m on top of the world. But I am always grateful.

I will mention a very random time I felt very content with my life. I am only discussing this because it’s so random. I had just finished two classes with my sister at our gym. It felt like a million degrees outside and I was really disgustingly sweaty. I drove my sister to watch her fiance play hockey, and then I drove to the grocery store and grabbed a 24 pack of Rolling Rock. Destin had decided to have a guys’ night, and I didn’t want to interrupt so my conscience fought me the entire way there. I didn’t even know if he would be home or if they would be out in Westport or what. I just knew I was going to hoist the beer up onto the porch if they weren’t around, because he had mentioned the night before that a Rolling Rock sounded really good.

When I got there, two of his friends were sitting on the porch. Jett said, “Hey, it’s Local Ruckus!” (his nickname for me, of course), and I just said, “Hey! Can you give these to Destin? Destin was sitting on the porch, but on the ground. I couldn’t see him because it was dark outside already. Whoops.

I handed the beer up to the guys, and Destin ran through the apartment and down the stairs to hug me. All three of them were plastered and had been for a couple of hours, and everyone in the house was devouring pizza and watching baseball. Destin’s friend Robert said, “Damn. I wish my girlfriend just randomly brought me beer.” I was the official beer fairy.

It’s something simple, but it was deeply appreciated by all. Destin walked me to my car, and I drove home thinking about how lucky I was to be in a position to take a random gift to a guy with a really busy life who deserved a break every once in a while. I thought about how awesome it was that his friends liked me and how happy I was to be living in such a beautiful city with such amazing opportunities to be healthy with my sister and my friends.

It’s small moments like that that make me realize how good life is. And it’s got to happen in small moments, or it may never happen at all. I’m very lucky, and I do know that.


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