Aries. I am a ram.

Today I am supposed to tell you my zodiac sign and if I think it fits my personality.


Most of my friends know I’m an Aries. I was born on April 19, so I am the last day of the sign. It’s true, I do possess traits for both Aries and Taurus, but Aries is for sure my sign. In fact, I have a tiny book of facts about people born specifically on April 19, so I shall list them below now and you can tell me if I fit into these generalizations or not!

Aries is the very first sign of the zodiac. AS such, it is bursting with energy that cannot be contained. Confident, enthusiastic, and independent, persons born under the sign of Aries are prone to rush impulsively into situations… and get out before the hard work starts! (Ok, guys. I AM a hard worker with a great work ethic. But, moving on.) You are pioneers rather than settlers. While you enjoy rigorous physical or engaging social activities, you don’t stay for long. (I resent that!) Your inquisitive nature propels you hastily onward toward your next adventure.

You are often said to be headstrong and competitive. You delight in a good fracas, perhaps because your personality is partially shaped by the ruling planet Mars, named for the fearless god of war. You are quick to anger but even quicker to cool off, and your rebelliousness is often equated with courage, passion and spontaneity. 

More comfortable leading than following, you tend to resent those in authority, though you make a good executive yourself. (I swear I don’t resent ALL authoritative figures!) You seek to investigate the unknown and are often impatient with those who lag behind. (Umm… YES.)

Aries is sometimes viewed as the charismatic adolescent of the zodiac. People born under many of the calmer signs will simply stand back in awe at the fiery ways of your take-no-prisoners attitude. (People tell me I look 17. So adolescent…)


I was born in the Year of The Horse, which makes me independent, charming, hard-working, and rebellious.


My day of the week symbol is the sun. My magic food is a pomegranate (one of my two favorite fruits!) because I’m as full of creative ideas as a pomegranate is filled with seeds. AND I get a kick out of taking people by surprise (HAHAHA YES!). My flower is a daisy and birthstone is a diamond. My animal affinity is an eagle.

My color is scarlet. Just as scarlet is intense, so are you. Tempering your emotions probably never occurs to you, particularly when it’s so much more satisfying (and fun) to go over the top! April 19s often love with more passion, eat with greater gusto, and suffer with sharper pain than anyone else.

“A flash in the pan.” “A one-hit wonder.” These words won’t be used to describe versatile April 19s. Committed, enduring, and productive, you have staying power!


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