First 15

New Prompt: “Write 30 interesting facts about yourself.”

Wow. Hm. Ok. I think I will split them up into two days. So, I give you the first 15 “interesting” facts about myself.

1. I am a twin. Which isn’t necessarily too interesting in itself, really. Multiple births happen every day. They happen naturally and through in vitro and other such methods (are there many more?). But I am actually an identical twin. I came to be with no outside help (happy accident to be blessed with two, eh Ma?). My maternal grandfather was a fraternal twin, so twins run in my family as well. But I am identical. So I am magical.

2. My middle name has a true meaning. On my mom’s birthday (February 12, 1990), they found out I wasn’t growing. I was getting no nutrients to my body at all. If it continued this way, I would die and it was highly unlikely that Twin A would survive if Twin B did not. My friends and family said a novena (9 day prayer) and on the 9th day, I started to grow again. So my middle name is “Grace”, and it is said that it was for the Grace of God that I lived.  —-> Also, I found out in May that one of my grandpa’s favorite words was “grace”.

3. My name means “Warrior Princess” in Welsh. I found that out as a teenager during a class project. While studying abroad in London, we found out that Erin’s name means “Warrior Princess” in Gaelic. My sophomore year of college, I found out that Ian’s middle name–Karl–means “Warrior” in German. My parents had no idea. They accidentally named us all the same thing in three different languages. And we all went to St. Pius X High School. The mascot? Warriors.

4. “You have to understand me to understand the word ‘hey’.” I love Duck Dynasty and Si is my favorite.

5. I once wore a UCLA hoodie to a Chiefs game. I was taken to a suite to meet Nick Lachey at this game, who was in town to watch the Bengals. He went to USC. I should have taken the hoodie off so as not to offend, but it was my only layer. So that was a fun conversation. Then I told him he was the first concert we went to at the All That Music and More Fest 99. We reminisced. Until I pointed out that Erin and I were 9. That was my second awkward moment with Nick Lachey.

6. I have skinny toes. My friend Jenny once told me, “Your feet remind me of hot dogs.”

7. The top of my left ear kind of looks like it was chewed on. The top of Erin’s right ear looks similar. It is because of this and many more interesting quirks that I believe we split from my left and her right side.

8. The first thing you will notice about me is my eyelashes.

9. If you don’t notice my eyelashes first, you will notice my teeth. This is just a fact.

10. When I lived in New York, I actually would skip around Central Park singing songs from “Enchanted”. I also sang those songs while I cleaned the apartment on Sundays.

11. I have kept the locker signs my sister made for me on my 18th birthday on my closet door since 2008. The “Hanson” I spelled out of magazine cutouts has been on the same door since 2003.


12. I graduated in 2.5 years from a 4 year university. So did my talented and amazing twin sister.

13. I tried out to be a cheerleader my freshman year of high school because my aunt told me a Schneider could never be a cheerleader. My sister was already trying out. We both made it. At the end of our freshman year, we both made varsity. Two Schneiders were cheerleaders. That is all.

14. I love the IDEA of vintage, but I loathe the smell of second hand and thrift stores.

15. I currently own a singing Camp Rock “Shane” Barbie Doll. It was given to me as a Christmas gift and is still in the box. If anyone wants it, I’ll sell it cheap! (Yes, I did used to love Camp Rock. Because I did love the Jonas Brothers. And I was going into college.)


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