Life is a 3-Ring Circus

My fourth blog post is supposed to be my views on religion. This gets a little hefty super early on!

Listen, guys. I think religion is awesome. I, myself, am a Catholic. I’m not a Bible thumper (although they have redeeming qualities as well). I am just a girl who grew up privileged enough to go to private schools, learned a lot about different cultures through separate outlets, and never let religion get in the way of my relationships or personal beliefs.

A lot of you may be wondering what I mean since religion bases a lot of personal beliefs. I have very basic religious associations. I believe in what the church teaches about love and faith and the way humanity should be. I believe that every religion is based in some basic human need for structure, and that we should be free to believe what we believe without being scorned by others. Whatever God you believe in loves you unconditionally. If you have a conscience like most of us, you know better than to do some of the things that you do. I believe that MY religion at least is rooted deeply in forgiveness.

I also believe you shouldn’t go into a situation thinking, “This is a really bad/stupid/dangerous thing I am doing. But God will forgive me tomorrow if I go to church.” But if you believe in that, then do what you do.

I also don’t go to church all the time. I should. I know that. For myself and not for anyone else I should go to church more often. But I pray daily and I stay true to myself and my gut feelings, and I only surround myself with people who have a sense of self. In my eyes, a healthy sense of self and respect for the people around you is religion enough sometimes.

Rant over. Time for work. The Circus–by the way–is not my religious space. So you can void all of my thoughts over the next 9+ hours from entering the gates of Heaven. Thanks. 🙂


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