Drugs and Alcohol. Am I right?

Today I’m supposed to talk about my views on drugs and alcohol. Wow. Ok. So, here it goes.

When I was in high school, I was known for going to a lot of concerts. Actually, my whole life (since I was 9, thanks to my wonderful parents!) I have had the privilege of being a concert enthusiast. I went to everything. And in high school, after an incident with a burn book, I started my emo phase. I was still a cheerleader and peppy and smiley and fun, but there were times when I just didn’t care and was ok telling people. I painted my nails whatever color I wanted (even black, although that wasn’t allowed for cheerleaders), and I listened to screamo music. Even to get ready for cheerleading events. I didn’t really make sense. So I was going to punk rock shows and I was wearing black and I was singing really sad lyrics and making pencil lyric art and just kind of going in and out of phases.

Underclassmen cheerleaders do skits for the seniors at a restaurant every year. My senior year, we moved it to Kelso’s and made it more of a pre-football game thing. I can’t remember who was there (were there parents?), but it’s basically kind of a roast. And the girls decided they didn’t have anything else to make fun of me for. So, they called me a stoner. They walked around in front of everyone, talking in a low voice, saying, “I go to SOOOOO many shows and I don’t party with people on the weekends. I’m just a stoner and I smoke weed alone.”

I was an unofficial straight edge. I had one sip of beer one time and tossed it (wasteful, I know). They literally had NOTHING to make fun of.

Let me reiterate… I am PERFECT.

So, I was irritated. Most people knew they were grasping onto things because they didn’t have senses of humor. P.S. I am totally ok putting that in writing. But some people thought they were telling the truth, and it kind of hurt. I understood they were making fun of everything and everyone, so I couldn’t take it too personally.

Here’s the deal. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do. People will always form their opinion of you. Based on how you dress and what you do on the weekends. In college, I didn’t part very much. My sophomore year, you could find me in my dorm alone on weekend nights, baking cookies and watching the Disney Channel. I’m ok admitting that. I did what I wanted to do.

My message in this post is just do what you want to do. Everything is cool in moderation. I choose not to do drugs, but perhaps other people have their reasons. I choose to drink alcohol (mostly) socially, and I can’t handle it very well so it’s always in smaller quantities. That’s my prerogative. And you have those choices too. Who am I to judge? Everyone has their story and everyone has a past, present, and future. Just respect yourself and trust your gut.

But maybe not if it’s full of beer.


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