Blog Challenge Day 4 (It’s my LAST ONE!)

It’s been a grueling month on the writing front. Ok, that’s a lie. I was lazy and I was busy and I can find every excuse in the book for not writing every day. But that’s what the challenge is about. I may have half-assed it, but I finished it. And I’m well on my way to writing every day on this blog. Admit it, I’m a lot better than I used to be. It’s not easy to fit time in for things you really care about in every day life. I’m learning to take more creative time for myself as well as some down time, and balancing the two is not easy. I’m young. I’ll learn.

Day 4 Question: What is your definition of location independence?

Location independence is being able to take your business and work anywhere with it. I have worked remotely for jobs from my home. I have been at jobs that have moved every year. I have been with people who have allowed me the flexibility to do my work and have aided me in accomplishing my dreams. Location independence is when your work–whatever it may be–is with you always. You may work at an establishment that never moves (an arena, a stadium, and hotel), but your ideas and your creativity don’t stop when you walk out the doors of your office. Your mind is always thinking, “Oh, that would be GREAT for work!” You’re always networking, always jotting down ideas, and you’re happy to do it. Location independence relies on passion, dedication, and focus.

I think I sound pretty smart right now.

Check out my sister’s awesome answer to this question and more HERE!


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