Days 29, 2 and 3!!

Tripling it up AGAIN to keep my head afloat! As some of you (who wasn’t paying attention?) will note, I started the blog challenge late but kept in line with my sister (merp) for some of it so that our answers could be compared. I failed a bit, but I kept writing. So I’m not a FAILURE (you got that?!). You can check out my identical twin sister’s answers HERE as well for that compare and contrast effect. 

Day 29 Question: What does your blueprint for living the dream look like to you?

I honestly wish I had any clue. My dream involves music. I have to be involved in the music industry to some capacity, and I must have the resources or permit myself the time to work on side creative endeavors. I will not lose sight of the vision for DoubleTake Productions and our want to be self-sustaining in future years. I intend to be very successful, to make a name for myself and to keep drawing inspiration from the people around me and my experiences. My blueprint looks like a home. Surrounded by the people that I love with music notes in the air. Because any job I choose to partake in will make me feel comfortable enough to call it–and the space around me–a home. I will be surrounded by people I love, and the arts. 

My blueprint kind of looks like a child’s drawing.


Day 2 Question: If you woke up tomorrow and were free to do anything you wanted with your life, what would you do and who would you be?

I think the real answer to this question–for everyone–should be that I would be MEREDITH SCHNEIDER. Seriously. I am super happy with the person that I am. Sure, if I had a choice I’d probably have a closet full of Katy Perry’s wardrobe. I could probably also rock bangs a little better a la Zooey Deschanel. So, in that regard, I’d take the style of those two beauties. But I really like the way that I look and the way that I am. Some people see me sense of humor as very dark and sometimes I can be a rather harsh person, but I know when and where to compose myself professionally and I can do it in a very fun way. 

If I woke up tomorrow and could do anything I wanted with my life, I’d record and master one of my songs. I’d shoot a really fun music video with DoubleTake Productions and magically make both projects internet hits. Of course, this is all if time were no object. I think being a “One Hit Wonder” would be fun. Just for that day. But truly I would probably do something active because “I really want to lose three pounds!” Or maybe I would take my family to New York and show them what my life was like when I lived there. That could be fun. Whatever I did would involve family, creativity (so, yes, hard work) and achieving success. If only that were all possible in a 24 hour time period. But, it IS possible if I take a bit more time on it.


Day 3 Question: What’s your definition of freedom in business and adventure in life?

I have two requirements for this, honestly. I think life should be about fulfilling your passions. Likewise, work is sometimes your life. So in that regard, I think work should be something you are very passionate about. A lot of people find themselves stuck in ruts or taking work where they can get it (trust me, I know), and it’s heart breaking. I want to see people fulfilling their dreams through their work. So that’s the first half of my definition. The second half would be that people not necessarily make their own work hours, but that they aren’t forced to work ridiculous hours. I have at previous jobs. There were 11pm and 2am nights at a particular job, and it wasn’t easy. We made it through because we had a close-knit group of people in the office who really took a vested interest in each other and were working toward a goal together. But unless I find something in the music industry that is–or will lead me to–my dream job, I refuse to work hours like that again. It’s not feasible to work on things you don’t care about and get no sleep. There has to be a level of care taken by coworkers and higher-ups to make sure everyone is maintaining their best possible physical and mental help. 


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