At any one point in time…

I was putting off this blog challenge again (haha silly me) because I’m kind of lazy. Then I read this next prompt and was like THIS ISN’T A BIG CHALLENGE!!! WHAT THE HECK, HOMIE??! Check out Erin’s answer HERE. But read mine first!


Prompt: If you chose to live anywhere in the world, where would that be and why?

Hi guys. My name is Meredith and I have travelled everywhere. I have lived on both coasts and in the midwest. If you were to ask me this question two years ago at this time, I would say Chicago. It’s only 8 hours’ drive from my hometown of KC, it’s got “beaches” and all 4 seasons, it’s a big, thriving city with great music and good food, and it’s a place that will keep you on your toes. Well, guess what? I moved to NYC and loved it too. There are pros and cons to every place. And every place I’ve lived has taught me to love other places more. So, even though I know I would love to eventually settle down in the midwest (KC preferably), I’d say the place I would want to live right now isn’t specific. I want to be working in the industry that I’m obsessed with (music) in a big, bustling city. I’ve been applying to jobs in NYC (haven’t finished exploring and that city isn’t done with me yet), Chicago (Um, duh!), Austin, Seattle, San Francisco, etc. I know LA is the hot spot for music and even though my heart isn’t fully into it, I’d go there because I have a ton of friends there anyway. Any place with a job that will make me happy. Because, after all, why live in a place with crazy people if you can’t let loose and get your crazy on (artistically) too?


Another Prompt: What’s your level of location independence and your nomadic quotient?
I’m stealing Erin’s explanation here: In other words, how “homeless” can I be, and what are the factors that lead me to that conclusion?

Listen to me, you guys. I have been virtually homeless. I packed up my stuff and sent it home with my dad in our car in college and couch surfed before flying to Sundance for our last class (I know, what a charmed life!). Then last year I found myself REALLY homeless in NYC. My non-paying internship had ended and I was coming to a swift realization that my roommate was clinically insane (a fact I was able to block out until then because of the constant presence of full-time work in my life). So I packed all my shit and put it in a storage unit (alone) on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Then I couch surfed. It’s a good thing I have amazing friends, because that wasn’t easy. Then I came home for a couple weeks. Then I went back to NYC. And couch surfed. I couldn’t thank my friends enough for that. If that’s what you mean by this question, then I’ve done it. Home might be where the heart is, but my heart is still searching for my passion.

If you’re asking if I am dependent on a specific city or location for my life, that’s hilarious. I love my family here. Hell, my friends here are my family too. But in that regard, I have family all across the globe (NOT an exaggeration). So I think I could be anywhere and feel ok about it, as long as I’m following my dreams.

Dream on.


Also, side note. I was really craving a pint of rich ice cream. So I went to Target, alone, dressed in sweats on a Friday night with no makeup and my hair all whacky. I bought a pint of Ben & Jerry’s. Alone. I consumed the whole pint within a 20 minute timespan. Then I came upstairs, took a deep breath, and paid off one of my three (steep) student loans. Then I added two past flights to my rapid rewards points. And now I’m writing. The sugar got to my brain for sure and I’m a little spastic. But also, I LOVE YOU GUYS!


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