Day 20 // (I’m on schedule!) Can I get an “Amen”?

Day 20 Prompt: State your top three tools that you will use (or already use) to save time and money and make your online world more seamless.

I utilize WordPress to the best of my ability so that I am not spending money on some crazy domain name. No, does not exist. But that’s an awful long name. I know, it’s longer with a, but it’s all worth it. It’s long like a Fall Out Boy or Panic! at the Disco song title, which doesn’t exactly make me original, but does make it so you know exactly what the site is about.

Which brings me to #2. People know what my blog is about when they read the name of it. “theressomuchtosmileabout” is obvious. I’m writing things to make you smile. Or writing ABOUT things that make ME smile. And really, we all know that’s the most important thing in life, in my book. Make your blog name obvious, and you won’t have to explain yourself.

You may argue that I’m a white girl from the suburbs who grew up going to Catholic schools and involved in organized sports and intense programs for smart kids. That actually wouldn’t be an argument. That would be the truth. But it’s honestly never smart to judge people based on the environment in which they grew up. It may seem I have been handed a silver spoon–and perhaps that even comes close to the truth because I have been spoiled–but we all face our demons. We all have our stories. And I have common sense because of all of it. So my third and final “tool” in my tool belt is my common sense.

You’re welcome.

Now go check out Erin’s blog and tell her how wonderful I am!


Are you a fan of the Beastie Boys? Good. Because Eminem’s new song is very Marshall Mathers meets those hip hop geniuses. A song that references Ren & Stimpy, Kevin Federline, and the Kardashians. You couldn’t have included any more of my favs (cough cough). But really, I kind of missed Mr. Mathers and his shenanigans. So grow your beard out and just weird out all night long.


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