Days 10&11

So right about now would be the time I gave my sister shit for skipping a day of blogging for the 30 Day Blog Challenge. But I will tell you that I opened up the prompt for Day 10 at work on Saturday and just stared at it. I couldn’t form a complete sentence. So instead, I spent all day on Pinterest (secretly planning my sister’s Bridal Shower and Bachelorette Party) and talking to the security guard at work. That seemed like a better way to spend my time. So now it’s Sunday night. It’s super late and I just finished some work, so I thought, “Let’s do this!” Right now. If you want to read what my sister had to say for Days 10 & 11, check them out HERE!


Day 10 Prompt: What are the key ways in which you want to make money online in your chosen business OR Which are the key online revenue streams you want to focus on in your existing business?

I think this question is a little too monetarily-driven for me (Says the part-time employed by several companies, some of which don’t really pay me, girl!). I would just really love to make money writing. And by that I mean it doesn’t have to be online, but I would also love to be published one day (which–in this day and age–includes online publishing and Amazon options). I mean, if I could make money off this silly little blog from hits and the way I influence people to live their lives, then that would just be the cherry on top! My words are going to exist on the interwebs regardless.

That’s right. You can’t get rid of me.


Day 11 Prompt: Which business model is best for you and what one revenue stream is most feasible?

I didn’t know what this prompt meant necessarily, so I cheated and checked out my sister’s answer. And you know what? I agree with her. Personal “branding” has always been my thing. If you check out my online profile or my Twitter, you’ll notice similar tag lines. I like coming up with quirky blurbs about myself so that people get a glimpse at my sense of humor and my true self within a few characters (Sometimes LESS than 140 characters! TAKE THAT TWITTER!). And honestly? My Twitter handle used to be different. It was “SingnGrace7”. Why? Because I got it in April of 2009, no one was on it, and I thought I could build up a reputation as a singer online.

That backfired.

But that’s kind of because I wasn’t really trying. As others started joining Twitter (Yeah, I was there early… AND I LISTEN TO BANDS THAT DON’T EVEN EXIST YET!), they asked me about my screen name. Well, let me break it down for you. “Singn” is SINGING. “Grace” is my MIDDLE NAME. “7” is my lucky number. There. Now you have it.

So last summer I was working on branding and informational jargon for several bands at my internship and I realized something… I’m not a professional singer (Womp womp. YET. Right?). So I gave my sister two options for my new screen name, and it was a unanimous vote (between the two of us). I had come up with a keeper. Now, I sign up for most things under “MerelyGrace”. And it makes sense if you know me (Which you GET TO KNOW ME THROUGH MY WRITING. KA-POW!). “Merely” is because my first name is Meredith. “Grace” is for–as I said before–my middle name. But “Merely Grace” is funny because it insinuates that I am a graceful person. But I will admit I am the LEAST graceful person on the planet. I. Am. SO. AWKWARD. So the name is a joke. (Also I think I most closely resemble a Meerkat. Really.)

Do we get it now?

That’s my branding. And it works. And it’s quirky and I like it. So I figure if I like it, other people will start to get it and they will like it. Because, after all, I write for me. Because I love it and I love life. And that’s really all that matters.


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