“Day 9” // Business Online

My blog answers seem a bit cut and dry. Well, today will not be any different. (Seriously, I know people have other things to do!)

Question for day #9: Whose online business do you admire most and why?

This isn’t an easy one, guys. There are so many photographers and cinematographers and incredible people I admire. I love the businesses I work for– Local Ruckus and BreakThru Radio and Serial Optimist. I love the businesses I have worked for and believe so much in all of their online presence. I love Etsy and blogs and people who create.

To that, I’d like to thank Tamar Levine for having quite possible the most admirable setup (in my eyes). Not only is she a stunning photographer, but she has her own blog where she completed two years of photos taken at 11:11 every day. Seriously, it’s one of the most colorful endeavors I have ever witnessed. And she’s a sweetheart, to boot! (Trust me, I got to interview her.) So, I guess she would be my answer. Just her. Not even her site. I admire her.

Now hop on over and check out my sister’s answer to today’s 30 Day Blog Challenge question! I dare you!

(photo taken from Instagram 11:11 project)


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