Don’t live vicariously.

This quote is something I have had the pleasure of running across several times. I just want to point out to everyone that’s paying attention that it’s important to make every day an adventure. Try something new, or do something differently than you usually do. Don’t wake up at the same time every day or take the same route to work. Walk when you can. Breathe fresh air (not just on your smoke breaks) and smile for no apparent reason. It doesn’t have to be a big adventure. You don’t have to ride your motorcycle to Florida with your Go Pro cam on your helmet with your best friend to scuba dive, a la my friends Kevin and Mitchell who are currently on their mega adventure. You don’t have to move from San Diego to New York like my friend Stesha who is on her life adventure. You don’t even have to work that hard. Just let yourself live adventurously. Do it so you don’t have to live vicariously through anyone else.

Also, I got to interview a really cool DJ for BreakThru Radio. So you should check out what he had to say here.


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