Blog #3 For MEEEEE

Today’s Blog Challenge Prompt: Which key tools will you turn to regularly to maintain your mindset and how will you use them effectively?

I have one key tool that I have not been utilizing adequately in recent weeks: My writing. I really need to take the words that I draft in my head and write them on paper. I often find myself singing different lyrics to songs in the car… not because I don’t know the lyrics, but because I am thinking of a concept for another song with a similar melody. Once I reach my house, they’ve been erased by a subsequent song (DAMMIT, PINK!). I type lyrics into my phone or write them out while I’m at work because that’s when I tend to think I have time to really get into my writing… and then later I find them, but I have forgotten the melody that was in my head. I have several book ideas, script drafts, and unfinished lyrics/blogs/stories that need to be written. I want to have a draft of something ready to go so soon and it’s getting difficult to keep my attention when inspiration strikes.

All of this being said, I really need to charge the recorder my sister got me as an early Christmas/almost Thanksgiving gift in 2011. She sent it out to NYC while I lived there with a note explaining how she knows it’s difficult for me to sit still and do things. And for me to say things aloud while I think of them.. to sing them or draft my thoughts as they come to me, would be such a wonderful thing. She gave me the tool of my recorder and I need to learn to use it well.

At least I won’t be speaking into a bluetooth. People will know that I’m not talking to myself.

My twin sister and I are completing this 30 Day Challenge right alongside each other. Read her awesomeness HERE!


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