Blog Challenge Day 1 (But really it’s supposed to be Day 5. I don’t follow rules.)

So my sister has embarked on a 30 Day Blog Challenge. I’m a few days behind her, but we thought it would be fun if I joined in as well. I am starting on Day 5 (because this is the day my sister is on) so that we can juxtapose our answers. I mean, how cool is it that I have a twin who shares my passion for writing? Plus, we always wonder how similar our thought processes are (and are proven correct that we are creepy on a daily basis). So, without further ado, here I go!

Day 5: Discuss your perfect day. (Check out Erin’s perfect day here!)

This is a tough one, because I always want to be in 378592 places and doing 65007 things at once. And that’s probably not an exaggeration. So my perfect day (at present) would consist of a few things. I’d want to wake up surrounded by people that I love. Not literally (but, hey, why not?), but it’d be cool to have all of my closest friends in the same city (for once!). I would wake up early, because sleeping in is overrated (and impossible). I would start my morning off with a seven mile run. Why? Because I am 77% certain I wouldn’t have the stamina to do it right now as I am. But if it were up to me, I would do it at an interval pace and my lungs wouldn’t hurt. And I would listen to Katy Perry’s “Roar” on repeat and not get sick of it. That would make me feel invincible. I would eat a giant breakfast because I love carbs. My breakfast would probably consist of gluten free french toast (because I think everyone has some form of Celiac Disease) with cinnamon and fruit, an iced Vanilla Chai Tea Latte (because this is a craving I have at the moment), and eggs. Gotta make sure you get that protein in!

After consuming said meal, I would go to a river market or a farmer’s market (or anything similar to Camden Market) and purchase some jewelry I have been pricing online. On my perfect day, I would take my whole family and no one would complain of boredom or being tired and we’d all laugh and it would be like the scene in “What A Girl Wants” when Amanda Bynes goes to the river market and tries everything on. We would all take super hipster photos of each other and the many different things we walk past, and no one would be self conscious about it. I would be dressed like Audrey Hepburn and actually pulling it off.

My family would enjoy a calm lunch on the waterfront. Whether that be the beach, the wharf, the lake, or the river, I DGAF because it would be soothing! And in my perfect world on my perfect day, the humidity wouldn’t kill my hair. There would be watermelon and cucumber water there. I would probably sip on a mimosa and feel classy.

I would spend some of the afternoon working on a storyline for a movie my sister was about to film. I’d record one song in its entirety (and it would eventually be published and made into #1 hit single, the music video for which Erin and I would shoot). In the mail would be a big check from my book publishing company, along with a letter telling me that I made it to at least #7 on the New York Times Best Seller list (because in my world, snail mail is still relevant because it’s the most fun to scrapbook). I would take the check to the bank and withdraw some to donate to CASA, because I’m still a Theta girl.

The evening of my perfect day would be phenomenal. I would get ready with my closest friends (Michelle, Jenny, Erin, Becca, Ari, Stesha, Mack, Carly, Allison, and Jennie would be there, among others) and we would dance like high school girls to the worst pop songs. We would head to a quirky concert venue and gather with all of my friends and family to just have a party for no particular reason. My friends would play their amazing music (you know, my best friends Katy, Isaac, Taylor, Zac, Zooey, Pink, and Hayley) and we would all dance and sing and eat (seafood) and be dorks. At the end, I would have a paint fight with everyone and we’d all leave ridiculously happy. We’d head over to some body of water and stick our feet in the tide and watch the sun rise together, with last night’s makeup smudging our eyes.

I’m not sure why, but right now that kind of sounds like the perfect day.


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