Reminiscing on a Roof Deck

It was crazy sitting on the deck with Bryan last night. Just over a year ago we were on a roof deck in Mission Beach at his graduation party, reminiscing with the Pacific laid out before us. We could hear people screaming on the roller coaster and see the lights on Mission Blvd. And now Bryan lives in Chicago. Wrigley is three blocks away and we can see it and feel the lake breeze and it’s just so funny that it ended up this way.

My friends are all going on major adventures in life. Myself included. We are venturing out of our comfort zones and living dreams we hadn’t even realized a mere five years ago. Even less! Life can change so quickly and bring with it some incredible opportunity so I just hope everyone is taking the time to sit in a hammock, on a roof deck, and appreciate it.


One thought on “Reminiscing on a Roof Deck

  1. Thanks for the reminder! Sometimes it gets discouraging as we put our feet forward into the great unknown (as great as situations ultimately turn out), and it’s good to take the time to slow down and enjoy the present. 🙂

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