I am in Chicago for a few days being ridiculously awesome with my incredible friends. After less than 24hours of shenanigans, I was invited to join my friend Bryan uptown for lunch. My challenge? Finding the subway stop with virtually no cell or Internet coverage. It’s been a hassle. So I left Jamba Juice and travelled west on Washington to find my cross street (what did we do before maps?!). I looked up from my slowly loading phone for maybe a five second window and my eyes happened upon familiarity.

My friend Matthew Paul Gabriel Messina (don’t think I’d forget that confirmation name) was traveling in the opposite direction to work. Very nondescript: skinny, taller than me, all black outfit with round, green shades. And yet it was Matt. About a half second for us both to harness each others attention, a quick hug and the acknowledgment of serendipity later, and I’m heading back down the street.

I overshot my destination, but Erin and Bryan helped. And I got there. And now I get to revel in the astonishment I feel when I’m in the right place at the right time (or the wrong place at the right time, as it turns out this time). And, really, why am I so surprised? This IS the kid whose family I ran into by crazy random happenstance in Mississippi when we happened to walk out of the restaurant they were walking into for carry out.

Messinas and Schneiders will always find each other.



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