It’s Hip to be My Dad

Sometimes I want to dedicate a blog or a website or a twitter account to the silly things my dad says. But I am pretty sure that’s been done already. As much as I believe the quality of content would be outstandingly superior than thoughts from random, less interesting parents, I realize that this condescending comment leaves little credit to the support systems in everyone’s life. I can’t sit here and say, “My dad’s better than your dad” because he’s not (and he’s certainly not taller… Unless you’re Italian and you went to high school with me). He’s just a man with a vested interest in my well being.

Each one of us gets to see what people allow us to see. Some people have filters and are very reserved. I am lucky because I learned professionalism and sympathy (although empathy is my speciality) when I was very young. My parents gave me these tools and I am very grateful for that. But if you know me, you realize my filter changes once trust is put into our relationship. I put more than my whole self into friendships and take the actions and verbiage of others to heart more than may be easily identified. I learned by example.

By example, I have been taught sarcasm. Comedic timing. A sense of humor. I’ve been taught humility and the most insane work ethic. I am able to identify with others and put myself in their positions. With the help of this continuing example, I am learning patience to a better degree and some oddly vested interest in golf. My parents are the examples that make who I am possible.

When someone believes in you, it makes everything exponentially easier. I have been through the ringer the last few years. That’s not to say I haven’t had incredible experiences. The ridiculous emotional roller coaster is as much of a blessing as a burden. Because my parents have believed in me, they have provided the only constant support system I have been able to recognize consistently throughout the years. They make days like this so much more enjoyable.

I might not have been able to spend today with my father (he was accompanying Ian to basketball camp at Mizzou and I was at work), but I spent the day watching golf on TV and appreciating him, like I do every Father’s Day (and most other days, if I do say so myself). So I guess you could consider that a pretty cool thing. And I wish I could share everything my dad says with you guys all the time. But he asks me not to.

And sometimes threatens me.


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