Michael Winslow, He’s Our Man!

Last week, I got a perk from my newest job. Yes, I have added another job to my growing list of work, and this one is a doozy! I am blogging for Local Ruckus, which is super super awesome and something you should totally check out (especially if you’re in the KC area). If you don’t live here, don’t you fret! We have big plans!

Anyway, I got tickets to go see Michael Winslow. I’ll be honest–I had never heard of him. But this random guy that I took was pretty stoked, so we wandered over to check him out. Free anything really can’t be that bad, right? And boy was I floored by how talented that man is! It wasn’t so much a laugh out loud, giggle fest (like I’m used to with Demetri Martin), but I was on the edge of my seat impressed. If you haven’t seen Police Academy (1-7) or Gremlins (he plays the villain), then you may have seen him elsewhere. But for now, I shall provide you with what impressed me the most. Enjoy!


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