Happily Ever After

Not everyone realizes that it’s their “Happily Ever After” while it’s happening. Things are taken for granted, people get lost in the crowd. But I can safely say that, after stepping back and reflecting on my life, MY “Happily Ever After” is playing out right before my eyes. You might be wondering how. Meredith, you aren’t married. You don’t have kids. You don’t even have a career track right now. You live with your parents and you still act like you’re in high school most of the time.

Well, you know what? I’m happy. I love watching my brother grow up. I love having my dog around to play with, and getting to witness my parents in their strong and supportive marriage every day. I enjoy spending time in my childhood room, scheming and dreaming (and writing and filling out job applications). I am given so much opportunity and I have so many reasons to be happy. But most of all, my “Happily Ever After” is watching the people in my life attain their goals and realize their life dreams. I was in two weddings last year for two of my closest friends. I’ve seen love grow and lessons learned. I have seen my best friend develop and celebrate four years of life (yeah, my best friend is 4). And it doesn’t stop there.

On Saturday, May 18th, my sister’s boyfriend got down on one knee–having just been owned by a wave at La Jolla Coves in California–and asked her to marry him. Apparently the girl to which this sentence refers said yes. And then they galavanted around the west coast, surprising people with this giant rock on her finger and keeping it all hush hush for a week before it went viral on Facebook. I am very, very happy that my sister has found her forever, and that they can now work on their “Happily Ever After” together.

Let’s just hope she’s not a bridezilla.


P.S. Dad agrees. Guinness is gross.


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