Pampered princess

The last couple weeks I have been annoyingly sick. It probably couldn’t have come at a better time, because I still live with my parents (hi mom and dad!). They’ve taken care of me. They’ve kept me hydrated, toasted bagels, bothered me about going to the doctor… I joke that they’re hovering (and maybe they are) but it doesn’t go unappreciated.

So on Sunday I was feeling much better. My parents and I spent a portion of Saturday watching an Arrested Development marathon on IFC, gearing up for the new season. Sunday was a good day.

Mom and I championed through seven episodes of the new season. We went to the gym. Came home, showered, then she gave me little bath fizzies and we soaked our feet and baked cookies while watching more Arrested Development. I don’t think my mom realizes how much I appreciated that. It’s good to be taken care of sometimes, and we were relaxing, having fun, and taking care of ourselves. All that pampering geared me up to pick my sister and her-gasp!-fiancé up from the airport around midnight. With my friend Michelle. Who is probably more excited about the engagement than my sister is. But I digress.


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