Arrested in the Best Way

Watching this marathon of Arrested Development with my parents is pretty awesome. They may both be in and out of dreamland, but I promise I am not alone. Here. In my house. Watching a TV marathon on a Saturday. This show reminds me how much I can laugh during a sitcom and how wonderful (and normal) my family is. I might not be chilling by my computer until 3:01 edt to see the Netflix premier of the new episodes, but I will watch them. And I promise I won’t be hipster about it or ruin what happens in it. I can’t promise no quotes. Quoting shows like this is how I have made some of my very best friends.

So I will probably watch this show until I go get my sister and Tim from the airport at like, 11pm tomorrow night. I also hope it might be a hammock night. It’s the simple things.


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